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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 24, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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"happening now" begins now. >> a tough christmas eve in parts of the country, killer storms sweeping across the south right before the holidays. good morning. >> the severe weather threat is not in yet as fierce storms packing heavy rains and high wind ripped through the south with tornadoes touching down in some spots and the damage track from one twister spending one hundred miles, wind so powerful they damaged dozens of homes and businesses, tossed cars and trucks onto their sides, downed power lines and trees, and did read is true and everywhere. we have coverage of the killer storms and how they are affecting holiday travel. let's go to atlanta.
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>> reporter: the storm system is causing major problems through much of the southeastern u.s.. we will show you the scene in tennessee where state officials confirmed three fatalities in perry county, rescue crews found the body of a man and woman while searching through the remains of their damaged homes. a neighbor who described what she saw when she emerged from her storm shelter. >> we didn't hear anything. opened the door and house was gone, the biggest shock of my life, took my breath away. >> reporter: local officials say a tornado damaged or destroyed 20 homes in mississippi. the storm overturned private planes at a small airport, it is opening the center to provide shelter for anyone who needs it. severe weather came through highland, arkansas damaging several homes and the church. pastor mike stanley was inside when it hit. >> looked like a small tornado. the debris that came in, knocked off a pine tree, slammed -- hope
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we survived this. >> reporter: coming to our live shot in atlanta, behind me high winds came through this neighborhood, snapping this tree, fell on top of this hood damaging and down the street some localized flooding, heavy rains on and off throughout the day in atlanta. the temperature strangely balmy for this time of year going into the 70s, unseasonably warm temperatures are part of what is fueling this massive storm system. lea: looks very rough, thanks for that report. jon: weather conditions are snarling holiday travelers the threat of more severe storms loom large force in south and mid-atlantic states. airlines are adding dozens of flights helps stranded or delayed passengers reached their holiday destinations. outside washington at reagan national airport, a look at
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that. >> reporter: more than 40% of people who live in the d.c. area will spend christmas more than 50 miles away from here so nobody is going to be in town this most of those folks among the 100 million americans traveling, most ever according to aaa will drive because gas is so cheap but many of the rest are at airports like reagan where we are and just because it is the warmest christmas anyone can remember doesn't mean there are no delays. there are some weather-related backups in and out of new york area, philly and atlanta, 1600 total delays, 133 cancellations according to flightall where. before anyone gets on a delayed flight they have to wait in a long security line where there have been changes the people who prefer a pat down to a body scanner are going to notice. mensa imaging technology full body scanners are controversial,
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some people worry about having a picture taken through their clothes and others worry about radiation. the t s a can make you go through when because it is better at finding weapons than the old-fashioned way. there is concern that pat downs are not doing the trick, they are not picking up every threat. the t s 8 tells us, quote, generally passengers undergoing screenings will have the option to declined the screening in favor of physical screening but some passengers will be required to undergo screening is if warranted by security considerations in order to safeguard transportation security. even if you prefer an agent at down before boarding the tee as they can make you walk into a scanner, step on yellow markings and lift your hands up. is the latest effort to stay away or to stay ahead of the evolving terrorist threat but so far at least at reagan airport passengers and security agents seen to be handling the policy as smoothly as possible on
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christmas eve. jon: we hear the carrolls echoing behind you. lea: authorities arrested a ninth suspect linked to the terror attacks, the man was in contact with a cousin of the suspected ringleader after the horrific attack. was killed in a police raid near paris after the wave of bombings and shootings that killed 130 people. the suspect is a belgian citizen, no word on what his name is. >> in chicago activists look to capitalize on another major shopping day. like the black friday protest. group's plan to march up washington avenue, chicago's main shopping drag known as magnificent mile, and they have to create a financial impact and prevent last minute christmas shoppers from entering stores. protesters called on major rahm emanuel and alvarez to resign in the wake of the laquan mcdonald case and other police abuses.
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mike tobin has more on that. >> believe demonstrators to show up, and high end shopping district with the unabashed goal, and they have taken the acre, taken the demonstrations, where gunfire is part of everyday. king louis was shot in the head and people are callous to all of that. and they're creating pressure.o impact, no broken windows, no burning stores, and young people being engaged in the civic process. >> reporter: the most prominent goals are resignation of state attorney any alvarez and mayor
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rahm emanuel, and tried to cover it all up. the mayor not for another three years and there is no lot for the city mayor and city of chicago. sean for is introducing a bill that would allow the recall in a low threshold. that is a long shot. jon: thank you. black lives matter activists say they successfully tricked authorities in minneapolis to expect massive protests in the mall of america. a white rail to the airport where protesters blocked the entrance. tactics worked for -- into a police said in making arrests. 15 people from both sides taken into custody. black lives matter releasing a statement proclaiming the actions successful, and mark
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clark. >> action for the planned parenthood said shooting suspect, when he told the judge he wants to do now and the gop race for the white house could have an impact beyond a presidency. how the republican nominee could affect the party's majority in congress. we will go in depth.
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lea: crime stories we're following, in a colorado planned parenthood clinic wants to represent himself in court, robert deer appearing in court where he judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation, facing more than 150 charges in connection to the november shooting. and oregon man going on santa's not the list accused of robbing a bank to go christmas shopping. the i -- he got away with $1,300.
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and spending money on a christmas tree. the real housewives of new jersey start getting an early release from prison yesterday. he served nearly 70% of a 15 month sentence on federal fraud charges, remaining on house arrest until february. jon: there are concerns among some in the gop about the white house, more at stake in the republican party than who wins the presidency in 2016. with the growing fears that an unpopular or device menominee might turn gop voters away from the polls and that could affect the outcomes of some close races further down the ballot and but the party majority in the senate or even in the house in jeopardy. joining us to talk about that terry jeffrey, editor in chief of cnn merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. jon: are you talking about donald trump when you express these kinds of fear is?
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>> i think that maybe what they have in mind but the republicans worry about itself, if you look at the last four times the republicans had the nomination denominated bob dole, bill clinton, george w. bush in 2000, lost the popular vote, sweet, durrell victory after the florida recount. 2008 the nominated john mccain who lost to obama and mitt romney four years ago lost to obama. in 2004, george w. bush won reelection, he would not have won without ohio. i believe the o lee -- only won ohio because of a marriage of the on the ballot that brought water independent and culturally conservative democrats who gave him the small margin. they liked the marriage amendment more than they liked george w. bush. that may be a bigger problem in a general election, nominating somebody who polarizes the country. jon: in order to win the
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presidential election republicans need to nominate conservative, rock rib conservative? >> the record shows, 1988 and '84, i admit the country is a little different demographically than it was and it is important for a republican to be able to win the upper midwest, to win states like iowa and ohio and you also need to win florida and that means bringing across the reagan democrats, those who are culturally conservative catholic. by the way i think people pay too much attention to the national poll. trump is ahead in the national polls but it is more important now to see the trends in state-by-state polls. right now you have ted cruz the head by nine points, latest poll in iowa, marco rubio closing in on trump in new hampshire. if you are trump you have to stage yourself, better win iowa because if he doesn't win iowa the other candidates will get
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momentum that carries them to later states. jon: are you blaming party leadership for this or is it the fact that every candidate runs a bit to the right to win the nomination and then tends to move more towards the center to win a general election? >> i believe the establishment candidates are out of tune with the country and with the republican and conservative base on some core issues. for example in iowa you see ted cruz and donald trump doing well in the polls and i think two issues that divide them from the rest of the field and much of the rest of the field are what to do about illegal immigration and what to do about isis and syria. those two candidates are not advocating a u.s. war in syria on the ground, regime change, not trying to replicate what obama did in libya, george w. bush did in iraq, they're saying they will seal the border, they will enforce the immigration laws in the country and bread to
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galilee and the republican primaries, they want to hear that message and not hearing it from other candidates. jon: to the general election is that a message that appeals to the general electorate? >> i have no doubt that a candidate who will secure the border of the united states and force immigration laws within the country will have majority support, will have majority support on that issue and i believe a majority of the people of this country have rejected the foreign policy we saw under george w. bush and barack obama in scoring regime change in the middle east where the overthrow of saddam hussein lead to chaos and the rise of the islamic state, overthrow of gaddafi leading to chaos and the islamic state establishing itself east of the country. fortunately we didn't have the muslim brotherhood stay long in power in egypt but i believe people think as a wrongheaded foreign policy, not the best way to protect us from the of threat from islamic radicals like the
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islamic state. jon: let's look at mitt romney, in particular. what is it about mitt romney that did not excite the conservative base and led to his defeat? >> before mitt romney became the republican nominee he had inert governor of massachusetts and before that had been a senate candidate running against ted kennedy in 1990s in massachusetts. he ran, mitt romney, against kennedy and for the governorship of massachusetts as a cultural liberal who was pro-abortion, didn't do anything to stop it when the supreme court in massachusetts legalize same-sex marriage in massachusetts, then when mitt romney -- to seek the republican, he became of pro-life, pro marriage traditionalist conservative. romney's biggest problem was lack of credibility on the positions he took when he ran for president, they did not
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believe him. jon: what is it that has donald trump leading the national polls? >> he has to position himself in three things. there it is -- he is opposing washington establishment of both parties that the nation rejects, secondly he is tough on illegal immigration, securing the border and articulated foreign policy against regime change in the middle east however as i said i think the national polls are not as important as local polls, polls in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, momentum means a great deal at the beginning of a presidential race. of trump loses iowa he has big problems. from wins on february 1st, you have to look at seriously the possibility that he could get the republican nomination, but iowa is a game changer either way. jon: what about the down ballot races? restarted this segment by
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suggesting some in the party are concerned if you nominate a presidential candidate who doesn't excite the base you could wind up losing control of the senate, maybe the house. >> there's a fortuitous thing for the republican party, the same issues that motivate the base also motivate swing votes and if republicans can motivate their base and swing voters in states like iowa and ohio at the same time, if they turned them both off they are going to lose like they did alaska few times. jon: the editor in chief of cnn news, thank you very much. lea: the u.s. secretly communicated with bashar al-assad's regime for years, the obama administration was hoping to accomplish in syria and how russia and iran played a role. hillary clinton's strategy against donald trump as we get a glimpse of her campaign's plans and the way it dealt with the
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most recent controversy involving her. will it work? fair and balanced debate next.
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jon: u.s. officials said been communicating with syria's bashar al-assad regime for years. the obama administration attempting to get bashar al-assad to step down, trying to find cracks in his regime and offering incentives for leaders to abandon him. u.s. officials described communicating with syria as sporadic, officials spoke directly to one another and editors send messages through intermediaries which is russia and iran. fox news is learning the secret contacts might have hampered the
8:24 am
efforts to get bashar al-assad out and detracted from the fight against isis. lea: hillary clinton turning donald trump's talks to her advantage with the use of a vulgarity about her loss to president obama in 2008. the new york times writing mrs. clinton's age could barely believe their good fortune, he gave the new fighter to galvanize women behind her candidacy and they use it. gop strategist and president of consulting and harlem hill, democratic strategist and political consultant, you agree this helps hillary clinton. >> it does help hillary because she can bring up the war on women and even though it is a fictitious war it resonates with women voters who are important voting bloc. at the same time she is being offended by what is going on, she 60 using contributions from donald trump to the clinton
8:25 am
global initiative and refuses to return them. she wanted to show real leadership she could. lea: we have women serving in combat roles, who are astronauts, doctors and lawyers, two prominent women in this presidential election due within needed champion or is it insulting to some win and some female voters? >> it is a little bit insulting. we are ready for a female president. clearly the country is ready for it. i am concerned that hillary is unifying the republicans, the republican base around donald trump. i am concerned that she tries to get down in the mud and taken head on toe to toe that she's going to get messy. i have never seen her win a battle like that. little obama in 2008. she needs to be careful. lea: this is bad for the republican nominee. talk about the primary versus general election. >> it is good for donald trump
8:26 am
in the primary in that there is a persistent rumor that donald trump is a hillary clinton plant and for him to go after the recess strongly puts that a little bit to rest. in the general election, it kills republicans, the crucial voting bloc for any republican to win the white house or democrat for that matter. president obama won the female lead in 2012 and if hillary clinton is the nominee, the threshold is 56 or higher just starting off for her where as an uphill climb to get women, consulting women based on gender is not a way to win the women's vote. lea: i want to read a tweet, jennifer paul mary, hillary clinton's communications manager, communications director, we are not responding to donald trump, but everyone who understands this degrading language, inflicted on all women, what is your response to this? >> it is clear that they are
8:27 am
talking about donald trump. is disingenuous for the clinton campaign to not acknowledge and embrace it. if they are going to take from head on take him head on but don't tell around it. i want a little more honesty and of the clinton campaign. >> so did the american people. lea: donald trump also tweeted hillary, when you complain about a penchant for sexism, who are you referring to? he also said be careful. what do you make of this? >> he is trying to bring up the clinton scandals and refreshing voter memories from the 90s but at the same time i don't think that resonates with voters, bill clinton has overall favorability rating and attacking him is going to be a waste of his time and energy. he should focus on his policies which are very scarce to begin with. he wants to be serious about becoming president, he should lay out his vision for america others and make america great
8:28 am
again by doing x, y and z, going out and increasing this, tweaking that, he is not doing that yet. >> in some ways is this feud good for both of them? hillary clinton placing herself as leader in this race and trump as well by pitting themselves against each other? >> no question. she's giving from the oxygen he lives on. it is clear he hasn't said much on his campaign overall, this is what he thrives on, the fact the we are discussing this and he is on par with hillary clinton has elevated him to the leader of the republican party in my mind. the clinton campaign's acknowledgment that he is for real opponent. lea: i am sure there will be more on all of this. jon: president obama referred to himself as the d porter in chief the numbers tell the difference for. why deportations have fallen to
8:29 am
their lowest level in nearly a decade. federal authorities ramping up their search for a team whose infinity got away with murder because of his family's wealth. legal panel takes a look at the so-called affluenza defense and what happens now. el secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond.
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usaa makes me feel like in no time at all.xpert there was no stress. it was in and out. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. lea: law enforcement bringing a new tone to the and 8 teenager
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who killed four people while driving drunk outside fort worth, texas with his lawyers argued he was too rich and spoiled to know right from wrong. the judge gave him ten years probation but he had was, camera -- the affluenza defense did not sit well with a lot of people particularly when texas sheriff who was fouling to find the teen calling the decision not to send him to daily, quote, miscarriage of justice. criminal defense attorney and troy sweden, for a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, nice to see you both. brian, let's start with you. tiexiera if calling the probation a miscarriage of justice, you said that is profiling by law enforcement. >> absolutely. it is clear the irresponsible of the sheriff to be taking the law into his enhance. just because he is not happy with how the first trial turned out and not happy because the judge only gave probation to a
8:34 am
couch, how does he have the right to make a public announcement that he will track couch down and bring him to justice. this is what i call surrogate justice, the system fails, a sheriff takes the law into his own hands to make sure it works this time and one of his comments that was completely out of line was he said this kid hasn't shown any remorse, not even sorry for what he did. how does he know? the entire proceeding was blocked to the public. doesn't know whether couch made any comments in court or what the psychiatrist said, completely out of line. lea: couch is missing and on probation, what are the legal implications? >> he is a fugitive from justice. his mom may be in a heap of trouble if it is found she was aiding and abetting a fugitive and to keep him from justice. i have to disagree, probation
8:35 am
means jail is on a shelf and if you violate your probation then the judge can impose sentence and he could be sentenced up to the maximum. it is alleged he may have, he didn't meet with the probation -- and if it is found -- excuse me, if it is found that he was drinking beer which was a prohibition in his probation, then he could be sentenced up to the maximum and jail could fall on him like a sword of damocles. lea: we don't know if he was drinking or not. >> that is the point. it was a six second case, it did not show him drinking, it showed him grinning and clapping. to take that take and for the sheriff to pronouns we are going to track this guy down is completely irresponsible. >> he also missed a mandatory meeting with his probation officer. that is a requirement and both
8:36 am
him and his mom can't be found. lea: we have time for another topic, that is new york real-estate's robert durst will face a murder charge in connection to the death of his friend, that is the word from los angeles county prosecutors said they said they reached a deal with his attorneys to have officials extradite him from new orleans by august 18th. they also said the agreement depends on him reaching up the deal in a separate case in louisiana where fed to charge him with being a felon in possession of a weapon. you save this is a good move for his legal defense. >> absolutely. his lawyer is signaling to the prosecution we are not afraid to come to los angeles, we are not afraid to go on trial for these bogus charges said that sent a good message number only to the prosecution but the community in general. i got to tell you when this case goes to trial at the end of next
8:37 am
year, the prosecution is going to have a hard haul because the jury pool in los angeles over the last seven years has changed dramatically. much more sophisticated, a lot more young professionals in los angeles who will serve on this jury and guess what? they are going to get it right, they are going to focus on the evidence or in this case lack of evidence, there's little if any evidence in this case, it is based on sensationalism. another thing, in cold cases usually you need something like dna or physical evidence to convict somebody, this cold case has no new evidence other than the remark he made in the hbo special. lea: there's a lot of old evidence, a cold case he is facing, what do you make of it? >> the lack of evidence he is talking about is a confession. he recently confessed to the crime. what i do? killed them all, of course.
8:38 am
he made a confession of the crime and admitted that the handwriting on the envelope matches the misspelling of the word beverly hills. he is in a heap of trouble but i agree it is a good legal move to not fight extradition, come to l.a. and no matter what happens he is probably going to spend at least ten years in federal custody. he is not getting out until he is at least 82 and if i with him i would rather be fighting a case than going back and forth to court, and sitting in custody. lea: many attorneys say it is questionable whether the confession will be something that can be used in court to prosecute him. to both of you, thank you. jon: new information on the number of deportations this past year, they are weighed down at and near decade low. we are following this story live from los angeles. >> reporter: one thing these figures say is the president is
8:39 am
not the border in chief. for the fourth year in a row, the number of immigrants deported has declined from 409,000 to 200,000 including a 25% drop this year. here is the kicker. the president claims to be tough on criminal aliens, the second shows those are down as well, 27% this year. that is the red dog. if we look at the green bark, that represents immigrants support from the interior. those are down 31%. in peoria means anywhere in the u.s. city, town or county not on the border per se. what does it mean? critics say whether you commit a crime or want to live in the u.s. illegally your chance of being deported is minimal. >> that sends a signal to the smuggling organizations end people who are considering coming to the united states, come on in, you won't be detains, you won't get a court
8:40 am
date for months or years down the road and they will forget about you. jon: he says because of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the u.s. the fed deported just 70,000, from inside the interior of the u.s. fewer than 1%. the administration claims deportations are down because fewer people being apprehended at the border and a more refined enforcement priority but others attribute the decline to the 2012 obama decision to use prosecutorial discretion, blanket amnesty to any and all illegal immigrants but the most serious, multiple felony. the administration promised to round up a few hundred central americans who failed to obey their deportation order but really a few hundred is nothing compared to the 100,000 central americans who entered illegally in the last two years.
8:41 am
jon: thanks for bringing up those numbers. lea: update to a breaking news story, on the southwest, they were forced to make an american -- an emergency landing. the pilot was concerned about landing, all 130 passengers and crew are safe but we are hearing about the experience, some say they used social media to distract themselves. others say the pilot's announcements kept and calm, connected and aware of their situation. the plain is under inspection. lea: big changes to the frequent-flier program. jon: experts say there are still practice. signing up. we have to somehow to make the most of your points even with the changes. customers in one big hotel chain might be checking out with a problem. high it is asking recent guests to look at their bank statements.
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lea: major hotel chain says someone hacked into its system. hyatt hotels say malware, a customer payment system used at 300 hotels unmanaged, franchise hotels were not affected. hyatt says it fixed the problem the past guests are encouraged to check for unusual activity, up or credit card activity. they are not saying if the breach led to a customer information being released. jon: the most heavily traveled air line in the u.s. is making changes to its loyalty program. american airlines is switching to a revenue based program, that means passengers will be rewarded by frequent flyer miles based on ticket prices rather dan miles traveled. delta and united in devaluing its program and it comes on the heels of several mergers in the airline and hotel businesses. is the loyalty game dad? is it worth going to the trouble?
8:46 am
joining us is blogger and one mile maritime founder, ben shrouding. these airlines have increased the number of miles it takes to get anywhere on loyalty programs. you often can't get a seat. is it worth it to even pursue them? >> it is worth it but if you are flying you won't earn as many miles as before. what we are seeing is a shift where airlines are giving you more miles for everything other than flying, more miles for shopping, credit cards, dining, the catch is they don't want to reward you with much for the actual flying you do which is ironic because that is what the programs were designed for. jon: it was american that invented the frequent flier loyalty program way back when. they are making changes to follow the lead of delta and united. >> we have gone from six u.s. carriers with unique frequent-flier programs and down
8:47 am
to 3 and the benefits look very similar. at this point the loyalty programs are not a point of differentiations so far. they turned into a frequent buyer programs read it and frequent-flier programs. jon: the only good news about higher air fares is you get more points based on the way they revamp these programs so what is your advice to people if they want to try to take advantage of free travel? want to rack up some miles to get a ticket home to see mom or something like that? >> more in half miles are issued through things that. and flying. opportunities are better than ever before. you want to get a credit card that has high return, credit cards offer 50,000 points just for signing up. that is enough for two roundtrip tickets. when you think of applying for a credit card and completing the minimum as a bonus you get two tickets. it is more rewarding than ever
8:48 am
before. jon: there's a big hotel merger, marriott and starwood. that will affect people who like those hotels loyalty points. >> it is. we have seen the mergers that have happened in the airline industry, made some very profitable and hotel chains are seeing that and seeing how they can benefit from that. we saw the takeover, marriott is taking over and they are emerging as well. we will see what happens with the other ones. jon: you think going after those points, trying to use credit cards or whatever gets you points on a particular airline is the way to go. >> there's a lot of value, just do it right and different than it was before. so much value still to be had. jon: thanks very much. lea: we would invite you to watch a special program tonight on fox news right here called american journey.
8:49 am
every the past year, we had some unique opportunity to explore america and all the things that make our country great. they will take you on a patriotic journey through history, american journey airs on fox news channel tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern and tomorrow, christmas day at 4:00 p.m. eastern. jon: just before santa comes. thousands of christians descend on the biblical city of bethlehem. how they are celebrating today live from jerusalem. and then there is this. >> why are you calling 911? >> don't come to my house. jon: a little girl trying to keep in santa's good graces after accidentally knocking over her family's elf on a shelf. she dialed 911. come on in pop pop.
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jon: let's check out what is ahead on the christmas edition of "outnumbered". what do you have? >> ted cruz strikes back at the washington post with an editorial cartoon of his very own. this is one of the pickers at its beaumont columnists said was a gift to the presidential candidate. is he right? will it keep giving? >> the nba is setting its sights on guns with a christmas day at blitz. is this appropriate for the pro basketball league to do? >> un new survey shows wherein the united states we prefer to say merry christmas or happy holidays and the results may surprise you. >> the couch is on the map. we will be on it, see you at noon, merry christmas. jon: merry christmas to both of
8:54 am
you. lea: merry christmas hyatt. 7-year-old girl calls 911 after knocking over it the hell on a shelf. she was worried the toy would be telling santa and she had been naughty, she quickly second guest heard decision. >> why did you dial 911 >> don't come to my house? >> you accidentally dialed 911? you made a mistake? >> try to call my dad but i called by accident. >> police are legally required to investigate emergency calls so an officer showed up at her house but it was all just an accident, reminding her to only use 911 for emergencies. jon: christmas celebrations under way in the holy land, pilgrim's gathering in bethlehem celebrating the birth of baby jesus despite a recent wave of violence between israelis and
8:55 am
palestinians. john huddy reporting live from the middle east bureau in nearby jerusalem. >> reporter: certainly violence is on people's mines, people that are visiting in the holy city of jerusalem and bethlehem for the christmas celebrations, but hasn't deterred the christian faithful, pilgrims from flocking to and going to manger square in bethlehem. take a live look, a shot of the activities going on, thousands of people in manger square, the 50 foot tall christmas trees there with the church and the nativity in the background where things will culminate. the celebration will culminate with midnight mass. earlier today marching bands parade through major square followed by the last patriarch of jerusalem's annual procession to the jury of the hole in nativity.
8:56 am
and come to jerusalem, for the celebrations. as we mentioned this activity in bethlehem has been scaled down because of the ongoing violence and political tension, violence continued today, several attacks on israeli shoulders--soldiers and two is really a trickle during a stabbing attack in the old city of jerusalem yesterday. still, that said, again it is very busy, people are not deterred. and as we have been seeing in manger square, a lot of children, families going on, and in manger square with my mom, it was her first time and she absolutely loved it and thought it was so cool. i am not a big fan but she loved it. jon: let's hope they can keep the peace, john huddy, merry
8:57 am
christmas. lea: major christmas clean up as part of the south deal with the aftermath of some did the storm is. powerful tornadoes, more dangerous weather on the way. >>
8:58 am
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>> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" is next. andrea: this is "outnumbered." our fox news contributor is back with us, and megyn mccain. father jonathon morris. and you are outnumbered, father. >> i have four sisters and i feel very comfortable.


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